What is T/C Grasses® all about?

  Consistent performance due to age from the lab on all monocot species we produce.  Maybe more importantly is faster growth at cooler greenhouse temperatures which is what makes our products special and saves you money on your heating bill in your greenhouses.  After about 16 to 18 weeks from leaving our lab the grasses loose this juvenility to grow and root out in cooler temperature. This is why you want to know that the grasses you have are close to the lab in age so they grow when you want them too. Most of the ornamental grasses we produce that you receive have left our lab about 10 weeks earlier.  This is why they grow so much quicker than old division stock and also why you get cookie cutter performance. Most grasses will not grow at peak performance until temperature are minimum 70F night time temperature and even ours will not do as well beyond the 16 to 18 week mark unless you keep your temperature up in your greenhouses. By the way, all of our products are produced in our lab in Sebring Florida, we do not nor have ever brought in product from offshore to supply to you.